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otohealth hearing careHearing Aids

hearing_aids Appleton WIWe provide all types and styles of hearing aids including basic and advanced digital hearing technologies from the largest variety of manufacturers offered.

Every patient fit with a hearing
aid will receive a trial period, guaranteed in writing. This trial period provides an opportunity
to utilize the hearing aid(s) in your listening environments to ensure
it meets your individual hearing
needs and expectations.

Types of Hearing Aids

  • Completely-In-Canal (CIC)
    Fitting completely in-the-ear canal, it is the least visible hearing aid available.
     This style requires that the patient have good dexterity in order to manipulate
     the small device and battery. The CIC is best suited for hearing losses in the
     mild to moderate range.

alera remote mic  • In-The-Canal (ITC)
    Still having a cosmetically appealing look, the in-the-canal aid
     fills the outer portion of the ear canal. This device has a larger
     battery which allows for more power and longer battery life.
     The ITC fits mold to moderate hearing losses.

  • In-The-Ear (ITE)
    Filling the entire concha (bowl of the outer ear), this style of
     hearing aid uses a larger battery generating even more power
     and battery life. The ITE is best suited for mild to severe
     hearing impairments.

  • Receiver In The Ear/Canal (RITE, RIC CRT)
    The latest and most popular of the digital hearing aids, this “new age”
     behind-the-ear hearing aid combines with superior cosmetics and styling.

  • Behind-The-Ear (BTE)

    The behind the ear device is connected via a clear tube to a custom made
     ear piece that fits in the ear canal. This style of hearing device can be used
     for mild to profound hearing losses and can allow for the most amplification
     and longest battery life possible.

    All styles are available with “wireless” or other “Bluetooth” technology for communication
    between each hearing aid and/or other listening, entertainment or assistive devices.