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Audiology & Hearing Services helps restore hearing in the Greater Fox Cities community, one hearing aid at a time. Communication is a vital part of healthy relationships, but if you are suffering from hearing loss, it can complicate things. We invite you to come to meet our Audiologist and receive a hearing evaluation. Our facility offers the best hearing aids with cutting-edge technology. Choosing a hearing aid is a personal choice, but we are here to assist you in the process. We provide a reasonable hearing aid cost along with friendly service. Audiology & Hearing Services is a locally owned and operated private practice that offers state-of-the-art hearing aids. Many of our Chilton area patients agree that visiting our office was the right choice to get the best in hearing aid selection.

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We offer patients quality hearing aids from leading manufacturers. Audiology & Hearing Services welcomes you to meet Audiologist, Dr. Thomas Parry to receive your FREE hearing evaluation. Once a diagnosis is made regarding the level of hearing loss, Dr. Parry will go over hearing aid styles and designs that may work best for you. Chilton, Wisconsin is a small community with charming features including beautiful parks and recreational areas. Chilton has approximately 3,930 residents, and in 1852 was named after Chillington Hall in England. If you suspect you have hearing loss and want to find a place to receive hearing aids near you, set up an appointment with Audiology & Hearing Services.

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You will receive the best hearing aids and hearing aid cost when you come to Audiology & Hearing Services. We work with all top manufacturers in the industry to identify the best hearing aids and products for every patient. We offer hearing aids that are discreet with easy personal control or advanced technology that automatically adjust to changes. Audiology & Hearing Services understands all your communication needs and provides the products and hearing aids near you at a sensible hearing aid cost. Call (920) 731-9611 today and schedule a FREE hearing evaluation with Audiology & Hearing Services. We follow a Patient First Philosophy which ensures every patient receives quality care.
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