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Are you questioning if you have some level of hearing loss? If so, we recommend you schedule a hearing evaluation with Audiologist, Dr. Thomas Parry. Audiology & Hearing Services is a privately owned and operated practice serving the Greater Fox Cities community. It's estimated that one out of four people suffer from some level of hearing loss. We know how the right hearing aid can make a difference in your life. Begin experiencing the sounds around you once again with innovative hearing aid technology. If you want an affordable hearing aid cost, then contact Audiology & Hearing Services. Many Hortenville patients have benefited from the best hearing aids from leading manufacturers.

Hortenville Hearing Aid

Audiology & Hearing Services will make sure you receive the best hearing aids at a reasonable hearing aid cost. Hortenville has an estimated population of 2,711 and lies in Outagamie County, Wisconsin. Hortenville’s motto reads, “Growing with you,” and lies in an area known as Fox Valley. Audiology & Hearing Services is here to help Hortenville residents struggling with hearing loss regain their hearing with advanced hearing aids. Once your level of hearing loss is diagnosed, you can start the process of finding the best hearing aids for your lifestyle.

Hearing Aids Near Hortenville

Now is the time to take a new outlook on restoring your hearing and stopping the progression of hearing loss with the proper hearing aid. Audiology & Hearing Services provides many services including hearing aid repair, hearing aid dispensing and hearing aid fitting. The great news is that you can find a practice that follows a Patient First Philosophy, where you can receive your hearing aids near you. Many patients admire our comprehensive care and the fact that we offer the best hearing aids around. Schedule your FREE Hearing Evaluation with Audiology & Hearing Services at (920) 731-9611!
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